EDM Wirecraft originated in 1988 as an offshoot of a moldmaking shop.  My training and experience prior to Wire EDM was in moldmaking.  This has been very helpful over the years in dealing with our customer base, which is largely mold shops.  We understand the moldmaking process and we can often suggest ways to make your job easier or less costly.

The photo at upper left is a graphite electrode with 149 pockets through it.  All of these pockets have 3 degrees of taper on each wall and had to be cut with no chips or voids in the electrode.  The overall size of this electrode is 6” x 18” x 1.5” thick. mold2.jpg (30184 bytes) We made a total of 7 of these electrodes which where featured in EDM Today.  As you can tell, this was obviously an automotive application.  Have you seen the product this mold produced?

The photo in the upper right is fairly typical of some of the work we do on medium to large molds.  We cut tapered lifter pockets, up to 45 degrees in blocks as thick as 12-14”.   We can cut insert pockets as well, make the inserts when needed and do just about anything that you would expect a Wire EDM can do, and sometimes a little more.