EDM Wirecraft

807 East John Street
Fort Branch, IN  47648
(812) 753-5983
E-Mail: dale@edmwirecraft.com
Dale Crisp, Owner

EDM Wirecraft...

...is a Wire EDM job shop that has earned its national reputation within the EDM industry by being able to take on unusual jobs that many other shops say can’t be done. From simple punch and die combinations, to tall parts and extreme taper angles, our reputation has been built around the successful completion of these jobs while maintaining our high degree of quality and an extremely personal level of customer service. We take great pride in working with our customers on an individual basis and growing to learn our customer’s needs as the business relationship develops. Please continue to browse through our website and see just a few of the many possible ways that EDM Wirecraft can be of service to you and your company as your needs for innovative Wire EDM service arise.